Welcome to Kemp Elementary and 2nd Grade!

We are so glad you chose to visit this site. The classroom is an adventure-filled learning environment.  Students will learn to explore their imagination and curiosity in a safe and secure learning environment.


Please visit the link under Resources for Parents for information on the Common Core State Standards. This will tell you exactly what your second grader should know in math by the end of second grade as well as at the end of every grade level.

There is also a link to Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and technical subjects.

2nd grade newsletters can be found in the Newsletter links to your right.. Feel free to look back at previous newsletters and use this website as a resource if a newsletter has been misplaced. 

  • By the end of Second Grade students should be able to read the first 28 sets of HFW's.  This will help them exponentially when reading, as this list of words are some of the most common words found in our language today.  
  • These we also call sight words, as many words on this list can not be sounded out phonically.  Many of them must be memorized.  Helping your child train with flash cards is a great way to assist your child in learning these words.  
  • By the end of second grade in math, students should be able to add and subtract single and double-digit numbers within 100.



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